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07 Jul 2020
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13 Mar 2023

Hello there, and welcome to our new website!

After several hours of work from myself and aaronjpitty, I'm pleased to announce that we have a new, redesigned website!

Why move, you ask?
There are a variety of reasons, the primary one being that the Enjin platform hasn't been updated over the past few years, which has limited us in terms of what we can do with the site.
This is being actively updated and is much more customizable than Enjin was, which will allow us to integrate with the server in a better way than we could with Enjin.

New Department
I'm also happy to announce that we've opened a new department - the Department of Lore!
Headed by Kwiper, this department will be centered around creating new content and providing a more authentic Harry Potter experience for you.

With this new department, we are hiring for a new staff position: Lore Design!
If you're interested in this role you'll need to be creative and have good English skills, as it is primarily centered around planning and writing scripts for quests and events.
If you want to have a shot at applying, you can do so at this application form - good luck!

I've also taken some time to work on revamping server's rules, making them easier for our staff to enforce and easier for you to understand!
They have been completely rewritten, so please familiarize yourself with them as they are now in place.
You'll be able to see the new rules here, and they'll be moved onto the forums at a later date.

During the transition from enjin to this site, I've re-worked all of our application forms, improving the quality and structure of the questions asked.
If you have any open applications on the enjin site, then you won't need to do anything as we will still answer them there!

I'd also like to take this time to remind everyone of our Discord server!
This is the best place to interact with the community, get the latest on server updates, class notifications and much more!
You can join at!


As with anything new, there are bound to be bugs - if you come across any, please report them either on our Discord or the forums.

As always, thanks for your support & we hope you enjoy!

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