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Wizard Card Release

Heyo everyone!

I’m very pleased to announce that a long-requested feature has arrived on the server: Collectable Wizard Cards!

The development team have worked hard to finely craft the plugin and all 160+ of its various cards, and we're all very excited to see your card collections grow over time!
Currently, there are four types of cards, split into nine different categories for you to collect.

Each card has a slightly different texture depending upon the rarity of each card, with Crystal cards even having a fancy glow to show off how special they are.

How do I obtain wizard cards?

Wizard cards can be found within Chocolate Frog packs, which are sold at various vendors around the world, such as the Hogwarts Express and the Weasley Wizard Wheezes shop.
There are two kinds of card packs available: the standard card pack, and the special card pack.


Both special and standard card packs will drop any card within the collection, but the special card pack will have a much higher chance of dropping rare cards! These card packs can only be obtained through solving chat quizzes or perhaps a special event.

In the future, we will also roll out an update where you can purchase a separate Collection Binder for easy storage of cards, where you’ll also be able to view every card you’ve collected in each category!

One last thing to note: You’ll notice a value on the cards called “Version”:

Quartz' Wizard Card

This means that if we ever need to update a card, any card made after that update will have a new version number, and all cards produced before that update will be the only ones left of that version!

As always, a huge thank you to the PotterCraft Development team for all of their hard work in developing the system, to Kwiper for creating all the card and box textures, and to ashtis73 for helping create all the cards in-game.
We hope you all enjoy this new development!


Quartz563 - Idea & Lead development
Curtis73 - Development
AaronJP - Database work
Kwiper - Card & Pack Textures
ashtis73 - Creating the cards in-game